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Power of 12

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Through the “Power of 12″ we believe that every one of us can have a significant impact on the financial stability of our club

When each of our seven board members commits to giving just $12 per month and recruiting 12 additional people to do the same, we will quickly reach our goal of 1,200 supporters giving $12 per month for 12 months.

When 300 “Power of 12″ members have committed and sustained their membership for at least six months, we will be able to reduce the current club membership fee from $40 to $20 per month. When the goal of 1200 members is met, the fees can return to $10 per member per year.

The deadline for becoming a founding member of this group is June 12. Members will be recognized on the club’s website and on signage at the facility.

“We have some great ideas for expanding this program after the initial push. We plan to get the kids involved be creating a contest in which kids get points for those they bring in to the Power of 12. The kid with the most points at the end of a given period would be awarded a grand prize to be donated by a sponsoring business,”

Current Power of 12 Members

Ronda and Joseph Clarke
Mountain Home Property Management
Discover Yosemite
Brian and Missy Keller
Dan Francoeur
Colette Goga
Tom & Sara Robison
Kent Foster
David and Rhonda Salisbury
Barbara Starkey
Darrin Skoup
Julie Fullmer



S.A. Halderman & M. Patrice Jensen
Robert Insurance Agency
Cheryl Doty
Tamra Cash
Dorris Brekhus
Deborah Miller
Tom Wheeler
Shawna Petrushkin
Rima Runtzel
Bill & Carol Atwood
Sandra Brinley
Lucinda Hackney
Rogene Abney


George Sitts

Honor Role

Douglas Macaulay
Sherry Colgate
Karen Bradley


Gregory M. Chappel
Tim & Barbara Fruehe
Tamara Michel
Bratty Enterprises
Scott Michel

We would love to give every supporter the thanks they deserve for helping make the Club great. If you don’t see your name on this list send an email to director@bgcoakhurst.com